George Clooney

"Early in my acting career, I would go to auditions thinking, 'Oh, I hope they like me.' That was holding me back. I kept having recurring memories of times when I failed. It was as Renie Cavallari writes in HEADTRASH, my own headtrash. I had to shift to a mindset of I was the answer to their problem. HEADTRASH will allow anyone to rid themselves of the negativity that holds them from success and pivot to a more fulfilling life."

Brené Brown

"HEADTRASH embraces what I have always said – let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are. In this book, Renie Cavallari demonstrates how to do this. It is an empowering and liberating book that allows you to become the person you truly are. It is the roadmap to building and living your life and most importantly being you."

Sara Blakely

“We all have past events and fears that hold us back.  They have a name – headtrash.  The headtrash in our mind, in our psyche, prevents us from achieving our personal happiness and professional success.” 

“Renie Cavallari identifies the headtrash that resides in our subconscious that blocks us from being all that we can be.  In HEADTRASH: The Leading Killer of Human Potential, Renie identifies what headtrash truly is and how we can vanquish it from our thoughts and reach our full potential.  This is a must read for anyone who desires a more meaningful and impactful life.”  

Robert Kiyosaki

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Public Speaker, and Philanthropist

"To win in life, we must learn from our mistakes and shake off those memories and experiences that hold us back.  In HEADTRASH: The Leading Killer of Human Potential, Renie Cavallari masterfully identifies these memories as headtrash which keeps us from winning in life both personally and professionally.  But more than that, she charts us on a course of how to overcome the headtrash in our lives and be the winners we are meant to be.  HEADTRASH: The Leading Killer of Human Potential is a book that will set you on the journey to success.”

Niki Leondakis

CEO of CorePower Yoga

“The author is so real and relatable with her personal stories as well as real life examples, it's easy to relate to and takes the author's message out of the philosophical realm and into our day to day realities. The book provides you the insight and tools to translate those insights into action to effect real change in our internal dialogue that directly impacts our effectiveness, happiness and inner peace. I could not put the book down and when I finally finished, I bought one for each of my direct reports and siblings. A must read for leaders and anyone who fall into the trap of negative self-talk, draws on negative memories or suffers from imposter syndrome.”

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Article- HeadTrash…The Leading Killer of Human Potential

Changing negative thoughts, aka HeadTrash, can be difficult. We all have it. Only you can cure it. HeadTrash is that nasty voice in your head. This negative self-talk limits your thinking, can keep you up all night, and sucks your energy. Read the article to learn where HeadTrash comes from.  

Article- Authority Magazine: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company

Understand the responsibility and the privilege. No on understands the responsibilities of owning a company until they do, so it is wise not to expect them to. No on has the pressure of payroll except for the people who must fund it. You must be ready for the responsibilty since you have people depending on you to make the right decisions daily as what you do, and don’t do, affects their lives…their partner’s lives…their children’s lives…their futures. It is a responsibility that is best taken seriously. 

Article- Student to CEO: How to Recognize the Signs that Your Own Inner Negativity is Keeping You from Reaching Major Success

Nothing positive comes from negativity. HeadTrash is the nasty, unkind voices in your brain that are loud, full of negative thoughts, and undermine you. They suck your energy and limit you in every way. They can be as aggressive as keeping you awake all night obsessing over things you know you can’t control, and somehow, they are controlling you.   

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